Why Does the Palestine Foundation Organize Benefit Concerts?

Lily Karam, President

7 May 2024

Celebrating Our Roots, Creating Our Future

One of the many Palestine Foundation projects is in the United States. The Southern California-based Mawtini Choir has already grown into community of young artists who sing in Arabic, dance folk dabke, and play traditional instruments. With their belief in “Celebrating Our Roots, Creating Our Future” choir members will mark Mother’s Day with a recital dedicated to all mothers everywhere and Palestinian mothers who need their hands held and lifted with hope.

Palestine Foundation values music and all arts as beautiful and unifying cultural expressions as well as tools to bridge generational gaps, much like the sense of pride we feel when our children sing the national anthem, a song that all of us young and old relate to at an emotional level. We acknowledge that music speaks to one’s spirit without discrimination, and what better way to find commonality with cultures outside our own than through sharing our music.

We utilize concerts: to connect, inspire, spread joy, educate, feel, and honor.

All from a place of love.

Specifically: our goals are:

1. Bring Joy to the community at large and build wide public support. By bringing people together for a shared cause, concerts create a sense of unity and solidarity and increase awareness of our mission.

2. Bridge generational gaps by celebrating traditional arts, especially from the golden era of Arab music, poetry, dance, and costumes, and keeping communities in the diaspora connected and proud of our beautiful cultural roots.

3. Empower new artists to learn the classical repertoire and create innovative music in their own expression to share with the world.

4. Promote partnerships with other organizations, businesses, and artists to expand networks, reach new audiences, and gain credibility via a collective effort towards a common goal.

5. Advocate policy, influence public opinion via speakers, educational materials, or calls to action, and celebrate achievements by recognizing the valuable contributions of volunteers, donors, and supporters, and raise morale towards continued dedication to the cause.

6. Raise much needed funds to sustain our projects. Concerts are opportunities to attract large audiences and generate revenue through ticket sales, sponsorships, and donations, while providing the joy of the arts.

Art is the highest form of sustainable existence!