After a remarkable debut concert last Fall, the Mawtini Choir kicked-off a new season this Winter with new repertoire, new members, and new activities.  With a possible new permanent practice space donated by the Glendale YMCA, the Choir has added Dabke as a new activity, which seems to have energized the members, their parents, and the entire community!  Choir members, growing in number, are also practicing new material for solo and group songs, as well as the Oud, Tablah, and other instruments. An Oud Club will debut in February.

The newest activity, however, is the introduction of musical theater.  Not currently common in the Arab World these days, musical theater was an essential part of the music scene a few decades ago especially with Lebanese musicals spreading in popularity worldwide. The Choir has selected a handful of popular musical theater songs that involve a bit of acting and dialogue in addition to singing. The Choir members are excited about this genre (when they stop giggling) and are enjoying material their parents grew up listening to.

Mawtini has just started dabkeh lessons! To get involved, email us at, or call us at 800-436-7400.