March 4, 2018 (Los Angeles, CA) & March 8, 2018 (Dallas, TX): Second Annual Benefit Concert featuring Al-Kamandjati Ramzi Aburedwan and the Dalouna Ensemble in Children of the Stone. Special Guests: Comedian Aron Kader, vocalists Lina Sleibi and Nisreen Hajaj (Dallas), author Sandy Tolan, Palestinian Artist Ranna Affo Bishara and Syrian Calligraphist Sam Hassan.

Dallas Benefit Concert


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Rana Bishara

Rana Bishara Palestinian visual artist Rana dishara was born and raised in Tarsheha upper Galilee in 1971 Rana received her Bachelor of Fine Art and Women Studies and Philosophy from Haifa University in 1993.

She then completed her Masters in Fine Art on a Fulbright Scholarship at the Savannah College Of Art and Design in 2003 She taught art courses at A1 Hoash Gallery and the Jerusalem for 4 years, Between 2009 and 2011. she headed the art department at A1 Quds University in A1 Quds, Jerusalem Bishara is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly With installation, conceptual and perlormance art. Her motives and symbols are connected to the memory.

identity and heritage of Palestine: entities Such as the cactus. Olives, thyme Izaatar, hennah, and tar beside many mediums, 3ishara expresses her personal and political issues human rights. and the Palestinian cause is a major theme her art deals with. The materials she composes her work with have to convey the complexity 01 the political situation develop actions and artifacts about such as indigenous cactus and food materials that connote issues of durability, fragility and ubiquity. to pass a metaphoric reach Bishara’s artwork was exhibited solo and group shows locally and internationally like Palestine, Morocco, Jordan, France. Switzerland. Netherlands. United Kingdom. Scandinavia. Austria. Norway. Sweden. Dubai. Poland. Germany and in different states in the LISA.

Bishara took part in many art residencies such as. Art/Omi – New York. DaratAl lunun Amman Jordan, Morocco and France Her works can be found On private Collections as well as galleries and museums, such as the National Gallery of Fine Aits and Darat A1-Funun. Amman. Jordan, Artwomi Intemational Arts Center. New York, and The Savannah College of Art and Design, dishara curated and exhibited important shows that involved the Palestinian cause and Palestinian children for the UNRWA such as ” Homage to childhood- December 2008″ launching the events of IJNRWA @ 60 and exhibited and curated a show for the WHO “Health Facilities in Emergencies- April 2009” after the war on Gaza. aishara also designed and created a monument for Sabra and Shatela•s 30th anniversary the year 2012.

located in the Parc du Chateau de rÉtang. Bagnolet. France Rana currently lives and works between Tarsheha and deit Jala. working as a freelance artist as well as an art instructor at Dar A1-Kalima university College of Arts and Culture, Bethlehem-Palestine.