Los Angeles, CA

15 January 2017

In camps and villages near Bethlehem, the Lajee Center is teaching Palestinians how to test their own water to improve the much needed water sanitation. 

This is one of the first sustainable humanitarian projects the Palestine Foundation is supporting as we announce our launch today. Palestine Foundation was founded to help give Palestinians the means to build self-sufficient and prosperous communities.  We support people empowering themselves and their communities for future generations. 

As a foundation, we are an umbrella entity that funds projects and keeps the bulk of the initiative, implementation and long-term benefits in the hands of local communities with independent day-to-day operations for continued growth. Along with these benefits comes the responsibility of full accountability.

The Palestine Foundation has been years in the planning and began with Palestinian-

American founders with decades of combined experiences working in relevant fields. We support the idea that all people are intrinsically good and those who need help can better benefit from tools than handouts. 

Our story is the Palestinian story. Through clear dedication to our vision, mission, and values, the Palestinians can enrich their lives and achieve their goals—with their own initiatives.

Anticipated example projects are likely to cover, in addition to the important water projects, medical devices, educational and artistic activities. All of them meet our vision of enriching the lives of Palestinians and our mission to advance sustainable projects in education, health, habitat, and the arts, built on a strong foundation of community participation.

The community is invited to learn about the new foundation a PalestineFoundation.org and contribute ideas, funds, or other resources, connect people and organizations, or simply share the joy of our culture.

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