Please join us for an event with Makan Rights, a Palestinian-led nonprofit, dedicated to providing transformative education to strengthen the movement for Palestinian liberation. Through educational workshops, resource development, and fostering connections within the advocacy community, Makan works to transform the mainstream narrative on Palestine, upholding Palestinian freedom, justice, and dignity.

You are invited to join Makan‘s Director, Dr. Aimee Shalan, for a Zoom call on Sunday, May 26 at 10am pacific. You will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from Dr. Aimee Shalan about the various activities undertaken by Makan.

Dr. Shalan will discuss Makan‘s role in the current crises and to promote ways to further the Palestinian narrative. While our attention has been rightly focused on the devastating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, there is also a significant shift occurring in the West, evidenced by marches, university activism, and parliamentary advocacy in support of Palestinian rights.

We look forward to your attendance and input. Please let us know if you are able to join on May 26th: click to RSVP here. Please feel free to share the invite with friends of Palestine that might be interested in learning more.

Please find below a brief overview of Dr. Shalan:

Dr. Aimee Shalan is a distinguished leader in the Palestinian advocacy sphere, serving as the Director of Makan. She brings a wealth of experience, having held prominent roles such as Chief Executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and Director of Friends of Birzeit University (Fobzu). Dr. Shalan holds a doctorate in the Politics of Palestinian Literature and is a trustee of Friends of Birzeit University (Fobzu) and a policy member of the Palestinian policy network, Al Shabaka.

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