Mawtini Choir


A Public Lecture

Introduction to Music Theory and the Eastern Maqam System

The beauty of traditional Eastern music arises from its utilization of the modal system called Maqam. This is practiced in various forms in Arab countries, Turkey, Iran, and other cultures. The system, often thought to be challenging to explain to beginner musicians or those trained in Western music, will be presented in an easy to follow method.

The Mawtini Choir, a Palestine Foundation project, will host a lecture that will introduce the theory and practice and explain the characteristics of music from the Eastern Mediterranean region, including microtones, improvisations, and melodic and rhythmic patterns with live examples. Presented by Sami Asmar, Choir Director, the lecture is free and open to the community.

Place: Yorba Linda Community Center

Date: July 28th, and repeated on August 11th of 2024


Another successful Mawtini Choir season has come to end in June and the choir families were treated to a beautiful pool party to kick off their summer vacation.

Everyone present had a lovely time. Thanks to Abdul and Amani Barakat for hosting this memorable day!

The Choir is open to the entire local community. Its vision is to develop a sustainable fellowship of young artists versatile in singing, traditional dance, musical instruments, poetry, and other arts, that can be shared with our community, improve self-expression, and take pride in our culture and language. Instructions include vocal skills, Arabic pronunciation and vocabulary through songs and poetry, as well as playing traditional musical instruments, music theory and folk dances.

While the children are enjoying their free time, our Choir director, Sami Asmar, with the help of the team moms are hard at work preparing for the coming 2024/2025 season.

A special summer program was put in place for interested families and we encourage new families to join and enroll their children.