The Southern-California based Mawtini Choir, a Palestine Foundation children educational and artistic project, performed a special recital to the community on the occasion of Mother’s Day, on 12 May 2024. The nearly two-dozen members ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old performed group songs, solo and duet songs, Dabke folkdance, poetry reading, as well as instrumental pieces and improvisations.

Supported by the choir director, voice coach, percussion instructor, as well as the parents committee, the talented children had prepared for months for this event. The hard work paid off with flawless performances, to the delight of a large audience that was enthusiastically engaged.

The Choir is open to the entire local community. Its vision is to develop a sustainable fellowship of young artists versatile in singing, traditional dance, musical instruments, poetry, and other arts, that can be shared with our community, improve self-expression, and take pride in our culture and language. Instructions include vocal skills, Arabic pronunciation and vocabulary through songs and poetry, as well as playing traditional musical instruments, music theory and folk dances.