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Our Story

“Everything begins with an idea,” Earl Nightingale once said. Palestine Foundation began with Palestinian-American founders who hold the idea that all people are intrinsically good and those who need help can better benefit from tools than handouts. Our idea is founded on humanitarian projects based on sustainability. We envision people empowering themselves and their communities for future generations. Palestine Foundation was founded to help give people the means to build self-sufficient and prosperous communities. As a foundation, we are an umbrella entity that funds projects and keeps the bulk of the initiative, implementation and long-term benefits in the hands of local communities with independent day-to-day operations for continued growth. Along with these benefits comes the responsibility of full accountability.


Our story is the Palestinian story. Through clear dedication to our vision, mission, and values, the Palestinians can enrich their lives and achieve their goals. The Palestinian story is one of loving life and we are here simply to help.

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to enrich the lives of Palestinians.


Our mission is to advance sustainable projects in education, health, habitat, and the arts, built on a strong foundation of community participation.

Our Values


Palestine Foundation is an umbrella entity that creates the environment for collaboration with on-the-ground individuals and organizations whose initiatives meet our criteria and demonstrate commitment to long-term sustainability.


Palestine Foundation fosters a spirit of service that optimizes resources responsibly via a board of directors accountable for ethical and transparent work as well as affirming the dignity and potential of volunteers, donors, partners and beneficiaries.


Palestine Foundation celebrates the joyful culture of the Palestinians.

Our Focus


We seek projects in the medical field that can leave a sustainable impact on the medical community in Palestine. Projects from medical technologies to consistent training programs for local medical staff.


We seek projects that leave a sustainable impact on housing in Palestine. Projects from sustainable construction from local materials to green energy solutions helping people become independent from the occupation.


We seek projects that leave a sustainable impact on education in Palestine. Projects from scholarship opportunities to educational workshops that teach people sought after skills that create job opportunities and economy.


We seek projects that leave a sustainable impact on the arts in Palestine. Projects from museums, studios and other artistic centers that help create an environment for Palestinian art to flourish.

How To Apply For a Grant

The Palestine Foundation tries to make the grant application as simple as possible. It can be done in three simple steps.

Check To See If The Grant Process Is Open

Like many foundations, our grant application process opens during a season and then closes for review and fundraising. Check to see if the grant process is open by clicking below.

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Request an Application For An Available Grant

If the grant application is open and you see a grant in which your organization can fit or feel your organization deserves a its own grant, email for an application.

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Your Organization Gets Funded

Upon a full review of all applications, if your organization is picked to be funded you will be notified and either be funded for the full amount or a partial amount that was requested.

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Palestine is not just a country, it is a land whose people are the roots to its history and heritage.

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Upcoming Events

Do not miss out on the Palestine Foundation’s next events!

Second Annual Walk For Water 2019

March 24, 2019
Location To Be Determined

The second annual Walk for Water 2019 will occur on March 24, 2019. The first annual Walk for Water in 2018 was such a…

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Artistic Workshops With Celeb Amer Zahr

September 4, 2018
Location To Be Determined

The Palestine Foundation is teaming up with comedy legend Amer Zahr in order to bring relief in the form of laughter to Palestine. Amer…

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Latest News

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and articles on Palestine and the Palestine Foundation’s work.

Donate to Palestine Foundation This Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is on November 27, 2018. Please keep us in mind for it as your contributions will go to a fully-volunteer organization where…

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Palestine Foundation Has Successful First Annual Walkathon

  On the beautiful morning of March 18, 2018, the Palestine Foundation members and supporters completed their First Annual Walk For Water with a…

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Current Projects

These are some of the projects the Palestine Foundation is working on.

Water Project & Rooftop Gardens for Refugees

The Palestine Foundation partnered with an organization on the ground in Palestine in order to teach refugees how to refine water retention and filtration while simultaneously creating rooftop gardens…

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Organizations We Partnered With

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